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Top 5 tips to tackle work stress

Top 5 tips to tackle work stress

Positive relationship and work environment – work stress

Work Stress. Harmony work place starts from happy relationship with superiors and colleagues. Best to avoid any gossips among work colleagues, be mindful when sharing personal view on sensitive issues such as religion and political discussions. In some situation where conflict is unavoidable, deal with it in a calm and positive manner.

Make your work place comfortable. For example, investing in a good ergonomic chair and table will be very worthwhile if you spend most of time in front of a computer. If you are on your feet standing and walking, then invest in a good, supportive pair of shoes. Your body will feel less stress and fatigue if you feel comfortable.

You can simply add a few easily maintained pots of green plants around your work station to increase mental and physical wellbeing. Now that the green plants make your work space looks good, you can have a diffuser with calm blends of essential oil going to make it smells good! Lavender, Roman Chamomile and Sandalwood are few essential oils which I highly recommended for calming purpose. Lastly, add some light, easy going music instruments playing at the background and you have the best, calm, productive and harmony working environment.


Organise, prioritize and focus

Below is my personal experience as a guy being told I am not good at multitasking, which I am not. Here is my strategy for tackling piles of daily to-do list. First, I lay them all in front of them. Then I prioritize which ones are urgent and needed to be done first and put them in priority order. I then focus all my energy and attention to only one task at a time. I found this tactic is more productive than trying to juggle between few tasks. When you have your brain processing a few things at once, it could end up costing more time and energy to finish up a task.


Exercise and meditation

When we spend 8-10 hours day after day at the same work place, inevitably there will be a build up of work-related stress. It is very important to have ways to deal with the stress, so we don’t bring the stress home and affect our family or friends. We will discuss two different ways of de-stress.

First recommendation is to start exercises if you haven’t. Simple exercises such as walking, dancing, swimming produce a chemical in brain called endorphin. Endorphin is a natural pain killer in the body, it also makes us feel happy and relax which in turn allow better sleep and rest, resulting in decrease in stress.

Next suggestion would be meditation. Meditation can be done anywhere quiet and away from distraction. 10-15 minutes per day just focusing on breathing, allowing the busy mind to calm down from daily work stress.


Healthy and nutritional food

We often reach out for high fat, high sugar food or caffeine to temporarily relieved from stress. However, those food will only make our health even worse. Making an alternative healthy choice is the best way to tackle this problem. Have the little stress relieved snacks handy and consume them by little amount throughout the day is a better option. Here are some ideas for you:-

Eat a handful of nuts – Nuts such as almond and walnuts are packed with vitamin and minerals good to reduce stress level. They also contain good oil which makes us feel full so a handful of these will be enough.

Spice it up with peppers – Peppers are high in vitamin C which is very good at reducing the primary stress hormone cortisol. Vitamin C is therefore well known as the antioxidant to reduce anxiety, depression and stress. So why not spice up your day with a few peppers in your salad or soup?

Green leaves – Dark green leaves such as spinach and kale are full of magnesium. Magnesium is very good at reducing physical and mental stress so make sure you have your greens every day.


Good quality rest and sleep – work stress

Our body repairs and rebuild while we are sleeping. If you did not have a disturbed sleep or lack of sleep, cortisol level in the body will increased, therefore increase your stress level before you even get to work. Diffusing calm blends of essential oils such as Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Bergamot in bedroom can help with getting to sleep easier. Make sure you go to bed early in a relaxing, comfortable environment to have a good start for next day.


There you have it. My 5 simple tips to tackle stress at work. Of course, don’t forget your chiropractic adjustments which will help to organise your nervous system and calm down all the chaos noise caused by vertebra subluxation. Feel free to share your way of tackling stress at work so everyone can be more calm and happier at work.

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